About Us

FawzNabilah is an online blogshop which caters to all dearest Muslimah out there who are looking for a place to shop for their basic pieces like hijabs and scarves. Registered under the brand name, FawzNabilah, we are 100% Malaysian.

We offer you custom-made, lengthy, wide scarves and hijabs for your comfort and style sense while staying modest at the same time. We will always create and share something new with each and every one of you. At present, our products include hijabs and scarves, inner scarves and others. We are involved in every process of our products and are truly proud of it.

Our latest treasure, new label and brand named Wizaira Collections by FawzNabilah had just been launched. Having the urge to keep up with the trend and style, Wizaira Collections are hand-picked and custom-made while revealing that trendy and classy style in you.

With love,
FawzNabilah | Wizaira Collections


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