Sunday, July 26, 2009

Japanese muslim style

As i look through my pic folders, i realize actually i've being collecting almost 400 muslim fashion pics and hijab pic from diff fashion website..i really fall in love with woman muslim fashion since i was kid, but before it was not really colourful and muslim dont know how to style when it comes to muslim woman, same goes to me...but today u can wear almost everything but with covering what we should cover.Thats make me feel so proud to be a muslim woman. Alhamdulillah, now i know how to be beautiful and confident in what ever i wear and i really love mix and match old and new..Insyaallah one day, i want to have my own muslim woman butique that focus on mix and match and affortable for everyone,age,size and most important is, its reflect a covering beautiful modesty muslim woman...

one of the picture that i luv, this japanese muslim looks so simple but yet so elegant. Combination of red and black color is my fav..the blouse is covering our back the bell-bottom trouses will cover our hip. such a perfect n love it!! =)

tips fr all : make sure you choose the cloth that are not really tight..its not showing who you are, but its showing ur "part" of ur body, when people look at you in it(especially guys), they maybe looking at your beauty but maybe the they are not. so beware gurls!

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